Power Adjustable Mobile Phone Jammer with External Omni Antenna

  • Effective shielding distance is adjustable from 1-40 meters (each channel can be adjusted)
  • Can work continuously for 24 hours
  • Use high heat dissipation aluminum shell (surface oxidation can be black or silver)

This adjustable full-band signal jammer is a product developed by our factory based on the actual situation of foreign mobile communications based on the continuous development of communication systems using foreign advanced technology. It can cut off various mobile phone signals so that the mobile phone cannot make and receive, and cannot send or receive text messages. It will not interfere with the work of other electronic equipment, thus ensuring the safety of the required places. The device has no harm to the human body, the power is adjustable, convenient and safe.


  • The school’s examination room
  • Various large, medium and small meeting rooms, concert halls, theaters of party and government agencies and enterprises
  • Detention centers, labor reform teams, large, medium and small prisons, troops
  • Inflammable and explosive places such as gas stations, oil depots, oil fields, gas stations, etc.


Specifications of Built-in Antenna Cell Phone Signal Jammer
Jamming objectiveAll types of cell phone, Wi-Fi, GPS
Jamming frequencyCustomized from 400-2500 MHz
Jamming radius1-25 meters
Maximum output power of single channel≥34.5dBm/2W
Power supplyAC110-220V
Power outputDC5V 12A
Total output power70W
Operating temperature-10℃~55℃
Storage temperature-30℃~60℃
Relative humidity≤90%(RH)



  • This product can be directly fixed on the wall or ceiling with screws. The surface temperature of the product can reach 50℃, so please stay away from objects with low heat resistance.
  • Installation height: 1.0-2.0 meters is the most effective
  • Installation direction: Do not point the antenna of the mobile phone signal jammer to the direction of the mobile phone base station, otherwise it will affect the use effect.