Mini GPS Jammer for Car

  • Effectively shield GPS, compass, base station and other positioning signals.
  • Slim and portable shell, designed for car
  • Transmit power 2W.
  • Effective shielding distance 1-15 meters adjustable.

This is a slim and portable GPS blocker which was specially designed to use inside a vehicle. It comes with a plastic case, which is very light in weight. With the characteristics of a good design and with easy operation.

This is a great jammer, you just need to plug it into the car’s cigarette lighter and it will start to block GPS L1 and L2 signals. The jamming radius can reach up to 10 meters depending on signal strength. This ideal device protects you against being tracked on your vehicle and you’re always safe.



  • Private use of mortgage car
  • Speed limit use of buses, buses, etc.
  • Prevent malicious location and whereabouts, etc.


Specifications of GPS Jammer
ProjectPerformance Parameter 
Jamming typeAll types of location devices, such as GPS, compass etc. 
Jamming frequencyGPS L1: 1200-1300MHz

GPS L2: 1370-1390MHz

antennaExternal, omnidirectional 
Power supplyCar cigarette lighter (12/24V) 
Maximum output power of single channel22dBm 
Product weight50g 
Operating temperature15℃~60℃ 
Relative humidity5%~80% 
Output power2w 



  • Before turning on the device, you must first connect the antenna (twist it all the way), and then turn on the power. Do not remove the antenna when the host is working.
  • If you find that it can’t work or other abnormalities appear (such as the work indicator is not on), please contact us