Customized content

  • Antenna type
  • Customized frequency range: 80MHz-6000MHz
  • Customized colors
  • Power supply customization
  • Product Appearance Design
  • Networking group control can be added

The cell phone signal jammer can be customized according to your individual requirements as follows:

1.Antenna type:

  • Built-in omnidirectional antenna
  • Built-in directional antenna
  • External omnidirectional stick antenna
  • External directional panel antenna


2.Customized frequency range


According to different shapes, 2-24 frequency bands can be customized.

  • Below 1000MHz can be adjusted within 80MHz, such as 80MHz-160MHz
  • Below 3000MHz can be adjusted within 100MHz, such as 1000-1100MHz
  • Below 6000MHz can be adjusted within 200MHz, such as 3000MHz-3200MHz


3.Customized colors

Basic machine metal is silver white, plastic is milky white. We provide customized colors: blue, black, gray, etc., please feel free to contact us.


4.Power supply customization

In view of safety issues, most of the standard products do not have built-in batteries and can be used when plugged in

If there are special scenarios, you can reserve the battery interface. You can buy the battery with the corresponding current of our reserved interface locally.

or we match


5.Product Appearance Design

We have fifteen years of experience in the manufacture of shielding devices, and we have professional appearance design to cooperate with the production. If you are willing to pay for the mold opening cost to customize your own appearance, we can meet your requirements according to the appearance design team!


6.Networking group control can be added

Because it is a wireless jammer, the state of the jammer is controlled uniformly through the network cable, and batch control is performed.

  • It can be controlled by timing switch
  • Faulty equipment alarm
  • Device status display (voltage)