Built-in Antenna Cell Phone Signal Jammer

  • Adopt EPM enhanced energy management design to ensure the stability and accuracy of high-frequency signals.
  • The ACOPS chip overheating prevention system is adopted to avoid overheating of the shield due to improper use by the user or excessively high ambient temperature on site.
  • Air circulation channels and active heat dissipation design, combined with air channel aluminum fins for heat dissipation, ensure long-term continuous work.
  • The main unit can be moved, so when carry it out for use, you can directly use the mains or use the internal battery.
  • LED liquid crystal display, automatic detection system, automatic detection signal when booting
  • The equipment comes with an ergonomically designed handle for easy lifting.

This built-in antenna signal jammer is mainly used to prevent cheating on exams and the annoyance and noise caused by mobile phones in various large, medium and small meeting rooms of government agencies and enterprises, concert halls, theaters and other serious places. It can cut off the mobile phone signal and WIFI wireless signal in the radius of 1-15 meters (within 1-200 square meters), so that the mobile phone cannot make and receive calls, and the WIFI cannot work normally, but it will not interfere with the normal operation of other devices.


  • Class rooms and small seminar halls
  • Small Meeting rooms and board rooms
  • Private offices
  • Police authorities.
  • Bus and vehicles
  • VIP and privacy-sensitive scenarios’ etc.


Specifications of Built-in Antenna Cell Phone Signal Jammer
ProjectPerformance Parameter 
Jamming objectiveAll types of cell phone, Wi-Fi, GPS 
Jamming frequency1st channel: 865-894MHz

2nd channel: 1800-1925MHz

3rd channel: 925-970MHz

4th channel: 2010-2025MHz

5th channel: 2110-2170MHz

6th channel: 2300-2400MHz

7th channel: 2400-2500MHz

8th channel: 2510-2690MHz

9th channel: 3400-3600MHz

10th channel: 4800-5000MHz

*Customized frequency as requirement

Maximum output power of single channel≥34.5dBm 
Power supplyAC110-220V/Built-in battery supply (DC5V/15A) 
Built-in batteryContinuous work for 2 hours 
Total output power70W 
Operating temperature-10℃~55℃ 
Storage temperature-30℃~60℃ 
Relative humidity5~80% 



  • Please keep away from strong magnetism and strong heat source as much as possible during installation.
  • Do not turn on the phone after soaking.
  • It contains fragile components, do not drop it.