Audio Recording Devices Jammer

  • Good concealment.
  • Stronger shielding effect.
  • Farther shielding distance.
  • Cover a wider range of equipment.

This recording jammer appearance is an air purifier, which has dual functions of air purification and audio shielding. The concealment of air purifier can help shield illegal recording. Compared with other products in the series, the output interference signal power is larger, so the noise signal picked up by the recording equipment is stronger, then the shielding effect is stronger. The shielding distance is farther than other similar products. Generally, the shielding distance to better recording equipment can reach 1-2 meters. For some other recording equipment, such as some mobile phones, the shielding distance can even reach to 3-5 meters. This product can shield almost all kinds of current mainstream recording equipment, its coverage rate can reach more than 95%, much higher than other products on the market.



  • Leadership office
  • Meeting room
  • Court
  • War room


Specifications of Recorder Jammer
ProjectPerformance Parameter 
Jamming typeMobile phones, recording pens and other sound acquisition devices 
Jamming distance2-5m (depends on different recording equipment) 
Jamming angle180 degrees 
Open methodremote control 
Product weight<3kg 
Operating temperature-40℃~55℃ 
Relative humidity35~85% 
Output power120w 
Charging inputAC 100V~240V 
Charging outputDC 24v 15A 
Packing materialsPP Protective box 



  • This product uses radio frequency signal Jamming recording equipment, so it’s normal for a little noise when turn it on, the noise has no impact on human body.
  • It is necessary to simulate the real environment and communicate with normal volume without intentionally increasing the volume when testing.
  • The best jamming effect is when the transmitting terminal of the desktop recording jammer is facing the recording equipment.